Yoga Mats on Society6!

trendy modern fitness workout gear

Guys, I’m really excited to announce that Society6 now has yoga mats!  

ocean sunset mandala maps

I think my designs work quite well with this product. And the best part is that they are actually reasonably priced!

I’ve spent several hours over the past weeks customizing my designs to put on these yoga mats, some were quite old so it was hard to locate the files on my computer!

light pink mandalas yoga fitness

These are so nice I might have to get one myself and then review it.

mandalas fitness workout gear

You could even combine the yoga mats with matching products to round out your fitness gear, like a tote bag or leggings!

reusable bags fitness yoga gear

These yoga mats come with a strap, are only 3.6 pounds, and are made out of latex and heavy-metal-free materials.

Check out my full yoga mat collection here.

Let me know what you think of these by leaving a comment below. Strike a pose!







Blogging for your Art Business

blogging for art business

So, you’re an artist (or some sort of creative), and you want to start selling your work online.  Where do you start?

Maybe you already have a website, so-and-so’, but have yet to see much traffic on it and are struggling to get noticed.

What do you do now?  Well I  think the answer is… start a blog!


Why should you blog for your art business?

Why shouldn’t you?  What’s the worst that can happen?  Just do it!

It is one of the best and easiest ways to get your artwork out there and seen by potential fans and buyers.

I know that I am not the most popular blogger ever, but way more people have seen my artwork now than if I never started blogging.  Now I have a couple of years under my belt and have learned a ton in the process, so I can share some of that experience with you!

Why should you blog for your art business? To build a community of supporters and like-minded individuals.  I think this is the main point of starting a blog for your art business (or any business), besides just getting your images out there and seen by as many people as possible.

As time goes by and people start following your blog you will find fans of your work, and connect with other bloggers to create a supportive community for your art business!  Not only does this drive traffic to your blog but it will boost your confidence and allow you to blossom into the creative entrepreneur you want to be!


How do you blog for your art business?

First of all you need to choose a platform that works for you.  I like (where this blog is hosted) because it comes with a built-in audience. If you tag your post with the word “art” then it will show up on anyone’s reader feed who follows the “art” tag.  Since art blogs are not as popular as blogs about, say, blogging, recipes, or health/beauty for example,  I think it’s important to take advantage of this potential readership.

You could also consider blogging on Tumblr, Blogger, or another blogging platform of your choice.  You can even self-host your site if you have the knowledge and funds to set it up.

Since you are showing off your artwork, when you are writing your posts you want to use pictures, NICE pictures. Art is a visual communication and, especially if your work is a hand made drawing or painting, you want the image to reflect your work as truly as possible.  Try to make it true to colour, and as clear as possible.  Show off your best work!

Write a little bit about your art – what inspired this particular piece?  How did you make it?  What materials did you use?  What exactly is it?  You don’t have to write a super long essay since you want the main focus to be your art, but just a couple of paragraphs will do.

Use alt tags when uploading your images – keywords describing your art piece – so it will show up on Google image search!  This is very important and could be a key driver of traffic to your art blog.  When you add an image to your post there should be a section to add alt tags, if not then click on the image and hit edit to bring up the area to add them in (if you are using  Google “how to add alt tags on (your blogging platform here)” if you are having trouble finding it.

Connect with other bloggers.  Follow the “art” tab and other tabs that interest you and start liking, following and reading other blogs!  Eventually some of them will come check out yours too.  You might even find other artists to collaborate with on future projects!

Here are some sample posts from my own blog to give you some inspiration:

My Sketchbook

Henna Elephant

Blooms Painting

Free Coloring Page



Now that you’ve written a blog post about your art, what do you do next?

Share it!  If you don’t already have a business Facebook page, Twitter, and/or Instagram account, start one now!  Share your art and blog posts to each of these, and any others you enjoy using.

Other great drivers of traffic to your blog:

StumbleUpon – Add your post to StumbleUpon (make sure you Stumble and share other pages too though) and your post could go viral, driving huge amounts of traffic to your site!

Pinterest – Pinterest is mainly an image-based sharing website, which is great for artists, and can be another big driver of traffic to your blog. Pin to your own boards and try to join group boards for even more potential readers.

Add your social media and blog addresses to your profiles, on social media and any other websites where you post your art.


Monetize your Blog: Sell your artwork online!

If you’re an artist then one of yours goals is probably to sell your artwork.

Get started by checking out my detailed posts here and here about selling on POD websites Zazzle and Society6 and see if that might work for you.

Then you can show off all your designs on your sparkly new blog!

I currently sell my work on the following Print on Demand websites:



Fine Art America

and I also sell printable colouring pages on Etsy.

Check them out and see what works for you.  Otherwise, there are a ton of other ways to make money from your artwork and you can use your blog to promote these endeavors!



I hope this blog post has convinced you of the benefits starting a blog can have for your art business, and given you some tips to get started!

Feel free to add any other benefits of blogging for your business that I might have missed, ask any questions or post any comments in the section below, and be sure to follow my blog for more art blogging tips in the future!




Further reading and resources:

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10 Ways to Get Over Artist’s Block

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10 Ways to Get Over Artists Block

artists block text

Creative block, a.k.a. Artists block is something I am sure all creative people have experienced at one point or another in their lives.

Sometimes you just feel burnt out or cannot even fathom what to do next!

Especially when you have a deadline or a creative assignment this can be a huge burden and cause a lot of stress for an artist or aspiring artist.

Below are some great ways I have found to get over this hump and get my creative juices flowing again!

1. Get a sketchbook

Sometimes just getting a nice new blank sketchbook is all I need to feel motivated to fill it up with drawings and doodles and whatever else I feel like!

I got myself a beautiful Moleskine sketchbook and drew this:

owl drawing sketch moleskine sketchbook

2. Draw anything and everything

Look up pictures of cute animals and draw them (see above).

Doodle in your sketchbook – let your hand guide you.

Draw your pet, your friend’s pet, or even your friend! Look up pictures on Pinterest or Google images and draw them.

3. Use materials around you

Office pens, highlighters, nail polish, whatever you have in your general vicinity.  See what you can create using the limited materials available to you.

Here is a little doodle I made using only pens and highlighters:

pen highlighter doodle art blue yellow

4. Travel

It doesn’t have to be far, nor cost a fortune.

Just get outside and be inspired by the world around you, be it nature (a park or beach) or the bustling city streets.  Simply observe and immerse yourself in living life.

Sometimes a nice change of scenery is all it takes for creative inspiration!

5. Set it down, step away, and forget about it for a little while

Sometimes we just get burnt out creatively.

If you are feeling frustrated, sometimes it is best to just walk away for a little while and forget about it.  It doesn’t have to be a long time, even just a relaxing evening with friends or family where you don’t think at all about your art can be like hitting the reset button.

6. Try something new

Maybe you’ve never tried watercolor painting, or needle crafts, or something other artistic medium you have admired from afar.  Give it a shot!

7. Find some new materials to work with

Look for free art materials on Craigslist or Freecycle (!

Sometimes all we need to be inspired are some fun new materials, maybe even something we hadn’t considered using before.

No need to go out and spend a fortune at the art store though, find something for free so if you don’t like it, no harm done!

I have gotten a whole bag full of unused yarn for needle crafts, and also a full lino-cut print making set for free on Freecycle!

8. Look at other art

Go check out some local galleries or simply look for art online!.

See what other people are making; obviously don’t copy them but you can be inspired by their work and create something in your own style!  Check out my online art gallery for inspiration.

9. Get down and dirty. Destroy to create!

Creation can be a destructive process.  It can also be fun just to get dirty and/or destroy something! Just don’t ruin anything of value or that you will regret later.

Ideas: Throw paint or coffee at a canvas or paper.  Rip up some paper or other materials.  Let out some of that frustration!

10. Do some tutorials

For me, this is a great one to develop creative ideas.

Look up tutorials online in your preferred medium: digital (Photoshop, illustrator), painting, drawing etc.  Youtube is a great resource for tutorials in all kinds of mediums!

Well that’s all the ideas I have for you today, I hope these will help you get over that pesky creative block!

How do you get over artist’s block?  Leave your ideas in the comment section below!!

Check out my website if you would like to see more of my artwork, and feel free to connect with me via Facebook and Instagram!



Re-Imagining Tangle Patterns in 3D

3-d wall art mounted artwork pattern design

I have been working with this new floral zentangle inspired design.

For my latest Drawing class assignment I attempted to re-imagine the pattern as a “3D drawing”, which was the focus of the assignment.

Above is the design drawn on foam board and cut out using an x-acto knife.  I mounted it on the wall slightly raised away from the wall (about 1 inch, using small pieces of foam board) so that you can see the shadows through the parts of the pattern I removed.  The piece is about 1.5 x 1.5 feet big.  I may paint it or colour it in the future, but won’t have time before it’s due.

Below is my second successful experiment with this pattern, drawn with permanent marker on a Styrofoam ball.  First I painted the ball with a few layers of white acrylic paint.

3-d sculpture pattern drawing sharpie marker black white

There were a few other attempts I made that did not turn out but I guess you don’t know until you try!  Just to give you an idea of what I was working from here is what the pattern looks like in it’s original 2D form:

floral sharpie doodle patterns design

Anyways I am working on about 5 other projects at once for my courses so I will have lots more to post in the future, so stay tuned!

If you like my work or want more information please visit my website, or my Zazzle store, and follow me on Facebook for updates about my work!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Zentangle Inspired ACEO Art Cards

aceo card zendoodle face

My latest creative venture involves creating miniature zentangle inspired/collage drawings like this one.  This is the first one I made.

ACEO stands Art Cards, Editions and Originals.

ACEO’s are miniature artworks the size of baseball cards, 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size, and they are a spin off of ATC’s or Artist  Trading Cards.  They are highly collectible (and affordable), and they come in a variety of styles which are sold on eBay and other sites.

Here are some more zentangle inspired mini art cards I’ve created:

aceo cards batch1 small

This is my latest piece, drawn with my new Faber Castel Pitt artist pens combined with collage.

I am trying to work a little bit with shading to make them really pop!

face sunglasses

If you would like to see more of my artwork please visit my website, or check out my Zazzle store where you can purchase my artwork on a variety of things from prints to t-shirts and bags!

Have a great day,