Geo – Abstract Painting (and a Holiday Message)

abstract acrylic painting geo blue and yellow

I showed you guys a little sneak peek of this painting a few posts ago because it was my first painting commission!

I’m sharing it again now that I’ve properly photographed it and uploaded it to my Society6 store!  As you can tell the colours look a little different and a lot brighter, as they should be.

The original was painted in acrylic on canvas, measuring 2 x 3 feet.  It took several hours and about 6 layers of paint to complete!  I wanted the colours to be very bright and opaque.

This design actually looks pretty cool on some of the products in my shop, as you can see:

abstract blue and yellow all over print tshirt Geo Abstract Painting All Over Print T-shirt $34

abstract blue and yellow painting coffee mug Geo Abstract Painting Coffee Mug $15

abstract blue and yellow painting throw pillow Geo Abstract Painting Throw Pillow $20

Here is the original painting in it’s new home, hanging safely on my friend’s living room wall:

Blue and Yellow abstract acrylic painting

If any of you are interested in an original painting please contact me and I would be happy to work with you!

Also, since this will be my last post before Christmas I would like to wish you all a safe and Happy Holidays!

Here are some of my photos from around Vancouver during this Holiday season:

staff xmas
My co-worker and I at our staff Holiday Party!
xmas whale
A festive whale light-sculpture at English Bay, in Vancouver
xmas kitty
My Kitty sitting under our Christmas Tree

Cheers everyone, I hope you will all have a wonderful week.


~ Julie


Festive Owl Painting and a Holiday Giveaway!

festive santa hat cute owl christmas


I made something Christmassy!  I was playing around with a new watercolour paint set I picked up and wound up making this cute Holiday themed owl wearing a Santa Hat and scarf!

After I scanned the image to my computer I placed it over a digital snowflake background I created.

I hope you like him 🙂  If only I had finished him sooner I could have ordered these Christmas cards with matching envelopes and stamps from my Zazzle store!  Maybe next year if I get my butt in gear!




Festive Snowflake Card Envelope
Festive Snowflake Card Envelope by JulieErinDesigns
Check out other Snowflakes Invitations at



aceo fashion zentangle art card giveaway


Enter to win an ACEO Art Card (as seen above) featuring my artwork which was displayed at the Hot Art Wet City Gallery in Vancouver, in their show CARDED! earlier this year.

The last day to enter is THIS SATURDAY DECEMBER 12th, 2015 and then I will pop it in the mail on the following Monday!


UPDATE: The Holiday giveaway has now ended but stay tuned for more in the future by following my Facebook page!


I wish you all a lovely week!





Selling your art on POD websites – Zazzle vs Society6 (Part 1)

Selling on POD websites pt 1


Welcome to part 1 of my 2 part series on Selling your art on POD Websites: Zazzle vs. Society6!


So I’ve been selling my designs on Zazzle and Society6 for a little over a year now.


I  don’t have the most experience out there, or largest amount of sales, but I wanted to share what I’ve learned so far using these two different Print On Demand demand websites to sell my artwork.  Hopefully this guide can help you decide which of these sites could be best for you!


Print On Demand basically means an item is printed or created after it has been purchased.  You upload your art or designs onto their website and digitally place them on to different products.  Then, the company prints and ships the product to the customer only after they buy it, and sends you small commission in return.


You do not have to pay for anything or maintain an inventory, so this is a fairly risk-free way to get your art and designs out into the online world!


There are several websites out there who offer a similar service.  I chose Zazzle and Society6 after doing some research because they are both pretty popular and widely known, offering good customer service and fair designer programs.


Now I would like to discuss some of the major differences (mainly pros and cons) between both of these two Print on Demand websites, in my experience, as a designer (and consumer) living in Canada.


Society6 – I feel like Society6‘s audience is more fine art based. There is more of a focus on prints, and different ways of displaying unique art work (ex. framed art prints, tapestries).

Zazzle seems to cater more towards audiences looking for graphic design based products. Think wedding invitations, birthday cards, and business cards.  Also, graphic t-shirts with funny/topical sayings are top sellers.

Store front

As an artist I prefer Society6‘s store front, as it looks more like an artist’s portfolio. You can view all of your designs as prints and then see what other products you can get with that design on it.  It is very cleanly designed and generally easy to view and use.


The Zazzle storefront has recently been revamped so your”Home” tab is the landing page for your storefront.


Under the “Home” tab your “Most Popular” products show up first, followed by your “Categories”, then “Recently Sold” products, and finally “Latest Products”.  You can customize which categories are shown.


There is also a”Products” tab which seems to show a mix of your more popular items, a “Collections” tab(which can include your own products as well as other people’s), followed by “Comments” and “About” tabs.


While this new storefront is a major improvement from what it was before, I find it a little cluttered and also think it may be confusing or overwhelming for a first time user.


A redeeming factor for Zazzle is that you have the ability to have multiple stores under the same account, which is not possible on Society6 and this time.

Ease of upload

When I first started I thought Zazzle was easier to create products with, but once I caught on to Society6 I realized it is actually less work in the long run.


This is because first you upload your original image and choose the appropriate tags, then upload your image again in a variety of different sizes up to 11 times (if you choose to enable those products) – and your work is automatically placed on all of their different products.


On Zazzle you upload your image only once but then you have to create each item separately (they do have a “Quick Create” tool but I don’t recommend using it), and then add custom tags for each product which can be very time consuming.


One thing that does set Zazzle apart though is that you (and your buyer) can customize each individual item with text or other images, all within their website.


On Society6 there are no options for customization after you’ve created your products, besides changing the colours of some items.


Now the part you really want to know – on which of these websites can you make more $$??


Personally I have made more $ on Zazzle, however my earnings range from .10 cents to 10 dollars or more depending on the product sold.  In general my earnings from each sale is fairly small ($1-$3 range).


On Zazzle you can set your own commission rate, so it can be as  high as you choose — but keep in mind it will be hard to compete with other stores and get sales.  The typical commission rate is usually around 10%.


On Society6 you get a fixed commission rate on products, but you can choose your own commission for prints.  I haven’t had as many sales on Society6 but generally have earned about $4-$5 per sale, so the set commission rate seems pretty fair to me.


Recently my Society6 store has seen a few more sales (since hitting the 1 year mark), so fingers crossed this trend will continue!


I have also noticed a fluctuation in sales with the most occurring around the Holidays and a complete lull in sales around early summer (June-July), so keep that in mind.


CLICK HERE FOR PART 2 including information about: Payment, Quality of Products, Marketing of Products, Shipping, and my own Summary remarks!


What has been your experience selling on POD websites?  Do you have any of your own tips to share?  Feel free to leave your comments below!





J’aime Paris

j'aime paris eiffel tower black and white art print

This is another photo print I’ve made from my recent trip to Paris.  It is the Eiffel Tower behind a couple of tree branches, rendered in black and white with the words “J’aime Paris” over top.

I feel like it’s hard to take a bad photo of the Eiffel tower, or of any place in Paris really!

And yes — I was there during the recent attacks which was pretty scary.  Check out my previous post for more details about that if you want to know more about  my experience.

Before all that happened it was a pretty amazing trip!

This print looks nice on several of the products in my Society6 and Zazzle stores.  They could make lovely gifts for anyone who loves Paris!  I will likely be ordering a few myself 😉

J'aime Paris Luggage Tag
J’aime Paris Luggage Tag by JulieErinDesigns
Browse more Paris Luggage Tags at Zazzle

eiffel tower j'aime paris tote bag J’aime Paris Tote Bag $22

j'aime paris framed art print black eiffel tower J’aime Paris Framed Art Print $42

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my latest print!  Make sure you follow along with my blog to see more of my projects and products for sale.

Have a great weekend everyone.



My Bittersweet Paris Trip and Eiffel Tower Prints

J'aime paris eiffel tower print

Well I never expected my trip to Paris would end in such a terrible way. I had an amazing time up until about 10 pm Paris time on Friday, November 13th when the terrorist attacks began.

The only way I can describe it as was very confusing and scary.  We were actually at a bar very close to where some of the attacks occurred, watching the soccer game, and had to leave via an emergency exit in order to return to our rented apartment.

We made it out of the city around 5 am that morning to catch our scheduled flight home and luckily made it through the enormous security line at the Charles de Gaulle airport.

I feel very lucky to have made it home safely and feel terrible for all those who didn’t 😦

Since I wasn’t able to sleep well after I got home due to the time change, I worked on creating some prints from my photographs of the Eiffel tower.  I have a ton more photos to share but they will have to wait until later.

This is one of a few different versions I have made: It is a black and white night time photograph of the Eiffel tower with the words “J’aime Paris” layered over top.

It is available as a print and more in my Society6 store currently. These could make great gifts for anyone who loves Paris!

eiffel tower paris france throw pillowJ’aime Paris Throw Pillow $20

j'aime paris france eiffel tower iphone caseJ’aime Paris Iphone or Samsung Case $35

j'aime paris france eiffel tower framed art printJ’aime Paris Framed Art Print $42

j'aime paris france eiffel tower wall clockJ’aime Paris Wall Clock $30

There are plenty more products in my shop bearing this image so check them all out!

I hope you’ve all had a safe weekend.



A Sugar Skull Pattern for Halloween!

sugar skull pattern print

I finally made a repeatable pattern that actually works properly!  Yay for small victories, haha.

Just in time for Halloween – this pattern looks adorable on so many things!

Especially on these new sneakers from Zazzle!!  These are so cool, I’ve always wanted to customize my own shoes *o*

This Sugar Skull pattern is also available with a white background, which can be found on products in my Society6 store. They also have some cool new products including Travel Mugs and Throw Blankets!

Sugar skull pattern travel mug Sugar Skull Travel Mug $24

Sugar skull pattern throw blanket Sugar Skull Pattern Throw Blanket $49

In other exciting news – my art is currently on display at The Phoenix Gallery in downtown Vancouver in an art exhibition called “Focus”!
Stay tuned for a review of the show with lots of pictures. It runs until Nov 2nd, 2015 if anyone has a chance to check it out!

Anyways, I hope you’ve all had a lovely and productive weekend ~