Final Print Project

zentangle water print digital blue zendoodle digital printmaking pink yellow bluewater printmaking digital print

Hey guys!  Thought I’d share these prints I made for my final Print project.

They’re all 22 x 30 inches on Sommerset paper.  I presented them as a triptych which I titled “Tranquility”.  They are a combination of photography and digital painting!

They are inspired by swimming which is an activity that makes me feel very calm and relaxed.  I was hoping to convey a sense of that through these images.

What do you guys think?

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Hope everyone is having a great weekend,



Skull Linocut Print

skull art linocut print

I made a lot of prints this term to share with you all.  This one is a linocut print of a skull I carved and hand-printed in a 5×7 inch cardstock postcard.  The image itself is only about 2.5 x 3.5 inches!

I also realized I really need to update my website to include these new works and probably make sections within the gallery.   Well, lots of work to do!

Speaking of work, I just finished my exams on Tuesday and already have a temp job starting tomorrow!  That was fast.  In terms of a permanent position, I have only just started looking.

Besides that I am looking forward to the Grad Art Exhibition (at UBC) in which I will be participating.  I don’t know which pieces I will be submitting yet, but will update with details when I know more.

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Hope everyone is having a great week so far,


The Pool – Linocut Print

the pool linocut print blue water

The Pool – Linocut Print

This is one of several projects I recently completed for my 400 level Printmaking course.  The image is supposed to kind of look like a swimming pool, created from a photograph I took during the summer.   However I do think it looks pretty abstract, in a good way!  It currently comes in an edition of 5 (as completed for the course), but I will probably make more in the future so I am not sure how many there will be in total.

I have made some other work from this same pool photograph which I will be posting shortly, so stay tuned 🙂

With that said, my BA program has finally come to an end!  I won’t officially graduate until May but in terms of credits and courses, I am done.  Now on to bigger and better things I hope! (ie, finding a job!)

I am still wrapping up some loose ends around campus including some final exams, but from now on should be able to post more frequently again!

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Prints Galore!

linocut relief prints multiples ocean theme

Finally finished my first linocut print project for this term!  Earlier on I posted a work in progress report detailing the steps I took to create these prints, so I wanted to show you all the final result.

Each edition consists of a set of 10 prints made entirely by hand (i.e. I did not use a printing press, see above link for my technique).

They are printed on the back of postcards I created in Photoshop and printed on cardstock paper.   The entire set is titled “Beautiful British Columbia”.   They do not have individual titles at this time.

I also did a second project using the same prints, again hand printed on Sommerset paper and framed in 5″x7″ black picture frames.  I combined these prints with collage by hot gluing found garbage and other objects I picked up at the beach by my house, Sunset Beach (in Vancouver, B.C.).  There is a surprising amount of garbage on that beach, although it looks nice!  Below are the 3 framed mono-prints;

linocut art print seagull garbage collage linocut art print starfish garbage collage linocut art print fish garbage collage

I am pretty happy with them despite one of my barnacles breaking off in transit to school 😦

In other news I have managed to connect my blog with my Facebook page!  So for those of you coming here for the first time from Facebook, welcome to my blog!  Comments and feedback are welcome of course 🙂

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Carving, carving, carving. My first Linocut project!

linocut technique plate art
I haven’t been able to post for a little while because I’ve been working on some several assignments for my courses, plus writing midterms.  The project  I am sharing today is for my Printmaking class and features a series of small linocuts I call “ironic postcards”.

“Linocut” is basically what it sounds like, carving out a piece of linoleum to create a surface to print from, or “matrix”.

Above is what the piece of linoleum looks like before it is carved.  I begin with this and draw my design straight onto the surface in pencil.  I then go over the pencil drawing in Sharpie or another permanent marker which is about the width of the line I would like to carve.  At this point I don’t worry too much about making mistakes since I can still change the image when I carve it out.

linocut plate carving techniqueAfter I carve out the plates they look like the ones below.  These are the other 3 in the series which I have already finished carving.

linocut plate carved relief printingBefore printing on the nice card stock paper I got for this project I like to make a few test prints on regular printer paper to see where I might need to make some adjustments.  I then cut out around the design using household scissors so that I get less unwanted black marks.

I squeeze out my ink onto the glass plate and scrape it around using a palette knife so the ink will be the right consistency. This is called “warming” the ink.  Sometimes the ink can be too wet or too dry so you have to experiment with it to get the look you want for your print.  I had to leave my tube of water-based relief ink overnight with the cap off because it was way too watery.  I finally got the right consistency after a few test prints on the cheap paper, but then it dried up so I had to scrape up the ink and re “warm” it mixed with some fresh ink.

linocut print printmaking brayer inkI like to ink up the plates on one piece of newspaper, them move them over to a clean piece of newspaper before I place the paper onto the plate.  The ink tends to get all over the place so you have to be pretty careful and wash your hands a lot.

Also, the ink always seems to wind up going somewhere on the plate you don’t want it to be so I like to rip off tiny pieces of paper and put them on top of those spots before I print.

Once the paper is laid carefully on the plate I use a wooden spoon to rub in small circles all around the design, pressing fairly hard and trying to get it even in all areas.  I go over it several times to make sure the print will be as even as possible.

Here is how it turned one of them turned out.  Next to it is the wooden spoon I used.

linocut print prints art reliefNot too bad right?

Anyways I hope you have found this post interesting and useful.  If you would like more information about this printing process do feel free to leave a comment.

I will be attempting to make about 20 good prints of each of the 4 designs so wish me luck!

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Thanks for reading and have a great day,