Watercolour Paintings

watercolor watercolour pug feathers drawing sketchbook

I have been using my new watercolour set quite a bit over the past few weeks and thought I would share some of my paintings with you guys!

I started off with a few tutorials to get my artistic juices flowing, such as this watercolour feather tutorial which I used for the feathers in the image above.

I have already been using some of these paintings for my finished designs, like the diamond below you may recognize from my Watercolour Diamond Pattern that I shared last week.

watercolor diamonds diamond gemstones gems painting

I followed this tutorial in order to create these beautiful (and easy) watercolour gemstones!  I also referenced this step-by-step tutorial in order to draw the diamond shape correctly.

watercolour calligraphy typography sexy pizza pie words

Here I was working on my calligraphy and lettering skills by painting out some words that I can mix and match in various ways (sexy pizza pie anyone?).

watercolour watercolor pug head face dog painting

Here is a close up of the pug face I painted!  I think it turned out pretty good.

watercolor watercolour pizza slice pepperoni olives

This slice of pizza is going to come in handy for some cute new designs (and is making me hungry).

Make sure you follow my blog so you can find out how I will use these in my upcoming designs!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my sketchbook watercolour paintings, and a bit of the preliminary process of creating my finished designs.  Let me know what you think!!

Have a great week everyone.





Watercolour Diamond Pattern


My first new design of 2017!  A Watercolour Diamond Pattern.

I got a watercolour set for Christmas so I have been having a lot of fun painting and creating some fun new designs like this one!

I made a repeating pattern from a diamond I painted, which I think  turned out really nice as it looks good on a lot of the products in my stores.  I’ve even uploaded it to all 3 of my stores on Society6, Redbubble and Zazzle!

Check out a sample of some of the products I created below:


I hope you guys like this one, because I am planning on making some more new designs using my new watercolours!  Be sure to follow my blog so you don’t miss them.

In other news, I’m turning 30 this Friday D:  I am a little bit freaked out about this, but to celebrate surviving 30 years I am going zip-lining for the first time at Grouse mountain!! Eeek! Wish me luck!

Cheers everyone,


Blooms – Abstract Acrylic Painting

blooms zentangle abstract acrylic painting

I nearly forgot to post this other abstract painting I did in December, titled “Blooms”!

It features a Zentangle® inspired pattern painted with silver and blue metallic paint over a black background.

The original was painted in acrylic on a 18 x 24 inch canvas. After it was finished I photographed it, but it was a bit difficult to capture on my camera so it looks slightly blurry in some areas.

However, I think it still looks nice on some of the items in my Society6 store!

Added bonus: Check out their new rectangular pillows!

Bloom abstract acrylic painting rectangular throw pillow Blooms Rectangular Pillow $27

The original is still waiting for a new home, or to be submitted to an art show, or maybe just hang on my wall at some point!

blue silver abstract acrylic painting travel mug Blooms Travel Mug $24

Blue silver abstract acrylic painting tote bag Blooms Tote Bag $22

What do you guys think of this design?  I love painting but I feel like the designs don’t sell as well as my other illustrative work.  I wind up giving them away to friends usually, since they take up a lot of space.

I also enjoy working with metallic paints for some reason.  They just look so shiny *.*

Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day weekend!

Be sure to follow my blog if you want to see more of my art work and other projects!  I am also around on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you want to see what I’m up to there as well.

Have a great week!



Geo – Abstract Painting (and a Holiday Message)

abstract acrylic painting geo blue and yellow

I showed you guys a little sneak peek of this painting a few posts ago because it was my first painting commission!

I’m sharing it again now that I’ve properly photographed it and uploaded it to my Society6 store!  As you can tell the colours look a little different and a lot brighter, as they should be.

The original was painted in acrylic on canvas, measuring 2 x 3 feet.  It took several hours and about 6 layers of paint to complete!  I wanted the colours to be very bright and opaque.

This design actually looks pretty cool on some of the products in my shop, as you can see:

abstract blue and yellow all over print tshirt Geo Abstract Painting All Over Print T-shirt $34

abstract blue and yellow painting coffee mug Geo Abstract Painting Coffee Mug $15

abstract blue and yellow painting throw pillow Geo Abstract Painting Throw Pillow $20

Here is the original painting in it’s new home, hanging safely on my friend’s living room wall:

Blue and Yellow abstract acrylic painting

If any of you are interested in an original painting please contact me and I would be happy to work with you!

Also, since this will be my last post before Christmas I would like to wish you all a safe and Happy Holidays!

Here are some of my photos from around Vancouver during this Holiday season:

staff xmas
My co-worker and I at our staff Holiday Party!
xmas whale
A festive whale light-sculpture at English Bay, in Vancouver
xmas kitty
My Kitty sitting under our Christmas Tree

Cheers everyone, I hope you will all have a wonderful week.


~ Julie

Festive Owl Painting and a Holiday Giveaway!

festive santa hat cute owl christmas


I made something Christmassy!  I was playing around with a new watercolour paint set I picked up and wound up making this cute Holiday themed owl wearing a Santa Hat and scarf!

After I scanned the image to my computer I placed it over a digital snowflake background I created.

I hope you like him 🙂  If only I had finished him sooner I could have ordered these Christmas cards with matching envelopes and stamps from my Zazzle store!  Maybe next year if I get my butt in gear!




Festive Snowflake Card Envelope
Festive Snowflake Card Envelope by JulieErinDesigns
Check out other Snowflakes Invitations at zazzle.com



aceo fashion zentangle art card giveaway


Enter to win an ACEO Art Card (as seen above) featuring my artwork which was displayed at the Hot Art Wet City Gallery in Vancouver, in their show CARDED! earlier this year.

The last day to enter is THIS SATURDAY DECEMBER 12th, 2015 and then I will pop it in the mail on the following Monday!


UPDATE: The Holiday giveaway has now ended but stay tuned for more in the future by following my Facebook page!


I wish you all a lovely week!





My First Painting Commission!

abstract blue and yellow acrylic painting

This is a painting I did for my coworker’s wall so it is basically my first ever commissioned piece!

…and it’s huge!  2 x 3 feet, acrylic on canvas!  Here is another view of the painting on the easel, so you can get an idea of the size.
painting for alexis2

My coworker is a Geologist so this piece is inspired by geodes and aerial photography of landscapes. I also incorporated her favourite colours into the piece (yellow and blue).

In other news I seem to be always making new art and currently have a few more paintings and illustrative pieces in the works.  I am also getting prepared for an exhibition coming up in the next couple of weeks ~ more details coming soon.  Not to mention some craziness at work – I have a lot on my plate at the moment!

Also — don’t forget to enter my Sugar Skull Colouring Contest ASAP as the deadline is coming up this Sunday!  Winners will be featured in a blog post in the week before Halloween!

Have a great week everyone!