Blue and Gold Zen Doodles


Hey everyone!

Today I am sharing a new version of this Zen Doodle design I drew a while ago.  I decided to see how it would look in this blue and gold colour combination.  I think it turned out pretty nice!  What do you guys think?

Also, I have been working on some new mandala drawings!  Here is a little sneak peek at those:


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And now here are some examples of the new Blue and Gold Zen Doodles design on products in my Society6 and Redbubble stores:


Blue and Gold Zen Doodles Carry-All Pouch (Set of 3 shown)


Blue and Gold Zen Doodles Contrast Tank Top


Blue and Gold Zen Doodles Leggings


Blue and Gold Zen Doodles Tote Bag


Blue and Gold Zen Doodles Mini Skirt


Blue and Gold Zen Doodles Tapestry

Well that’s all I have for you guys today, let me know what you think about this design by leaving a comment below!

I hope you all have a great week.



Shiny Gold Designs

gold clock throw pillow

2 Gold inspired designs are available in my stores now!

Gold Mandala wall clock and Gold Leaf Pattern Throw Pillow are pictured above.

These are recolours of previously made designs.  Both were originally hand drawn and then scanned and digitally coloured and arranged.

Here are a few more samples of these designs on products in my Society6 and Redbubble stores:


Gold Leaf Pattern Contrast Tank Top


Gold Mandala Biker Tank


Gold Mandala Wall Tapestry


Gold Leaf Pattern Samsung Galaxy Case


Gold Mandala Throw Pillow


Gold Leaf Pattern Beach Towel

Let me know what you think about these designs by leaving a comment below! And make sure you follow my blog so you don’t miss my next post.

Sorry for the briefness today, life has been a lil hectic lately.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter, those who celebrate!





Turquoise and Pink Bokeh


Hey guys,

I’m back from vacation and ready to share some new work!

This is a digital design I created just before I left for Mexico, it’s a turquoise and pink gradient with white bokeh and stars layered over top.  I think it’s really pretty and looks nice on the products in my Society6 and Redbubble stores.

What do you guys think?  Here are some examples:


Turquoise and Pink Bokeh Case


Turquoise and Pink Bokeh Wall Clock


Turquoise and Pink Bokeh Contrast Tank Top


Turquoise and Pink Bokeh Leggings


Turquoise and Pink Bokeh Wall Tapestry


Turquoise and Pink Bokeh Tote Bag

Anyways, I’m looking forward to getting to work on some new designs inspired by my trip and perhaps I will share some photos as well!

So, make sure you follow my blog so you don’t miss my next post!

Have a great week everyone.



#ArtLife – How To Be an Artist

e (1)

I’m excited to share a new series of blog posts called #ArtLife which are going to be a more intimate and casual style of posts from what I usually share.  These will be interspersed with my regular posts.

#ArtLife posts will be somewhat funny / quirky / satirical / unique / stream of consciousness / journal style posts, which show a glimpse into the artist’s (my) state of mind and attempt to figure out what it means to live the #ArtLife.

These posts will be prefaced by a title and an image with the word #Artlife.

This post is on How to Be an Artist

  • observe the world around you
  • practice as much as you can
  • be unique
  • be weird
  • be still
  • dream big
  • have courage
  • travel
  • fall in love
  • question authority
  • question the norms
  • question everything
  • be emotional
  • try new things
  • don’t give up
  • research your interests
  • look at other art
  • have fun
  • be dedicated
  • experiment with new materials
  • walk away (but come back later)
  • live creatively
  • share your work, even if you’re afraid to
  • be obsessive
  • create
  • destroy your creation
  • get dirty
  • play
  • write
  • think
  • relax
  • think outside the box, or inside the box. whatever you feel like.
  • stop thinking so much
  • have a sketchbook or a journal
  • be silly
  • be crazy
  • be unpredictable
  • get involved in your community
  • find beauty in something ugly
  • see the world from a different perspective
  • see “the greats” (in real life you guys)
  • find your voice
  • find your style
  • find what makes you happy
  • make lists
  • find new inspiration
  • learn new techniques
  • refine old techniques
  • share your knowledge (spread the love)
  • share your ideas (even if they’re crazy)
  • exercise
  • meditate

I’m really looking forward to sharing more posts like this with you guys, so make sure you follow my blog and stay tuned!  Feel free to let me know your thoughts/reactions, or if you have some more ideas to add to the list above!

Have a great week everyone.




Doughnuts and Eclairs!

eclair donut cases

Feast your eyes on my latest designs!

I’m getting a little behind on sharing my new designs here on the blog, so today I’m posting these 2 similarly themed pieces, Doughnut Pattern and Eclair!

These were both originally painted in watercolour, then scanned and digitally altered and arranged.

I think they both turned out pretty cute on items in my Society6 and Redbubble stores!

Every time I look at this eclair piece it makes me hungry….


Eclair Wall Tapestry


Doughnut Pattern Leggings


Eclair Sticker

doughnut pillow mock up

Doughnut Pattern Throw Pillow


Eclair Tote Bag


Doughnut Pattern Comforter

(Seriously though, who doesn’t need a doughnut pattern comforter!?)

Well, now I’m off to the local bakery… haha, just kidding.

Anyways I hope you guys like these, feel free to let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

Also, I will be away on vacation next week so there may or may not be a new post… you’ll just have to follow my blog to find out!

Hope you all have a great week.



Selling your Art on POD Websites – RedBubble Edition

Selling your art on POD websites Redbubble edition

Hello fellow starving artists!  Today I am sharing some info about selling your art on POD (print on demand) websites, specifically Redbubble.

Some of you may have seen my past post about selling your art on POD websites where I compared the pros and cons of using Zazzle and Society6 to sell art online.

In this post I will be giving a review of my experiences with Redbubble where I have been selling my art for almost a year now!

So read on to learn more about selling your art on Redbubble!

Store Front

My first impressions when landing on the Rebubble homepage is that they are artist focused, cater to a trendy audience and have a sense of humour.

Their website layout is sleek and relatively easy to navigate. There are rotating featured artists and art works that are updated daily.

Individual store fronts are easily customized with a background, profile photo, bio, optional journal entries, and collections.  Your latest art works are also shown on the landing page.

On the design pages there are tabs which show which products are available with that design, reviews (of the product, not your art) and also comments.  Pro tip – leaving comments is a great way to connect with other Redbubble artists!

You can also “like” other people’s designs and “follow” other artists, which I definitely recommend doing.


In terms of products, the range is similar to Society6, and includes apparel, various electronics cases, and home decor items. The price points are about on par with other online POD stores and they often offer 20% off or other promotions.

Redbubble offers some unique products that are not on Zazzle or Society6, such as mini skirts, dresses and scarves among others.

Below is a picture of a scarf I purchased of my Blue and Gold Mandala Pattern.

scarf from redbubble

I love this scarf, the print turned out beautiful and the fabric is really nice and soft. I find it is well made.

I have also purchased a hoody, t-shirt and stickers of my own designs.  All are good quality and I have had no issues, however I did find the t-shirt a tad large for a size small.


A really popular product on Redbubble are stickers.  I usually sell a few every day, mostly of my Rose Gold Mandala design.  Below is a picture of several stickers I have purchased of my designs. They are super cute, and cheap too!

giveaway stickers

Ease of Upload

Redbubble’s uploading tool is by far my favourite out of all the POD sites I’ve tried.

I find it quite efficient because you can upload your main design and then resize it straight in the browser for each product type, rather than having to resize and upload your image multiple times.  There are also 2 tiling options, or you can replace the image entirely if neither of those options work.

You can also change the background colour straight in the browser too, which can be very handy when working with designs that have transparent backgrounds.

Earnings and Payment

It took about a month after opening my store before I saw any sales, but since then I have been getting relatively small but consistent earnings every month.  (I should note here that I was lucky enough to have a design featured on the front page which boosted my sales a lot.)

It’s not going to replace my day job any time soon, but any amount of extra cash is always welcome!

You can adjust the markup for individual products (in Account Settings), but it is automatically set to a generous 20%, which is better than some of the other sites I’ve found.

Earnings are paid out automatically around the 15th of every month (to Paypal, or direct deposit), and there is no minimum threshold so you are paid whatever you made in the previous month.

I don’t believe that Redbubble has an affiliate program like some of the others do.


The folks at Redbubble are pros at marketing themselves and driving traffic to their website (through Instagram and Facebook ads, etc), so it’s just a matter of getting your own designs out there (which is easier said than done).

Check out my post on Social Media Marketing Tips for Artists to learn more about how to do that.

If you’re lucky and get featured on their front page, then you’re golden.

You can also find some nice promotional tools on the Redbubble blog, for example, fun marketing templates like this one:

doughnut pillow mock upShipping

Redbubble has headquarters located in San Francisco (U.S.) and Melbourne (Australia) so the products are shipped from one of those areas depending on your location.

I have found they offer reasonable shipping costs to Canada, and even more reasonable within the U.S.  The shipping is generally pretty quick, and you can choose a faster shipping method if required.

Also, you get a free random sticker with every purchase! 


In sum, I highly recommend Redbubble for selling your art online!

If you have any questions, or if you want to share your own experiences with Redbubble please feel free to leave a comment below.  I hope you have found some useful information here!

Cheers!  Have a great week.