#ArtLife – How To Be an Artist

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I’m excited to share a new series of blog posts called #ArtLife which are going to be a more intimate and casual style of posts from what I usually share.  These will be interspersed with my regular posts.

#ArtLife posts will be somewhat funny / quirky / satirical / unique / stream of consciousness / journal style posts, which show a glimpse into the artist’s (my) state of mind and attempt to figure out what it means to live the #ArtLife.

These posts will be prefaced by a title and an image with the word #Artlife.

This post is on How to Be an Artist

  • observe the world around you
  • practice as much as you can
  • be unique
  • be weird
  • be still
  • dream big
  • have courage
  • travel
  • fall in love
  • question authority
  • question the norms
  • question everything
  • be emotional
  • try new things
  • don’t give up
  • research your interests
  • look at other art
  • have fun
  • be dedicated
  • experiment with new materials
  • walk away (but come back later)
  • live creatively
  • share your work, even if you’re afraid to
  • be obsessive
  • create
  • destroy your creation
  • get dirty
  • play
  • write
  • think
  • relax
  • think outside the box, or inside the box. whatever you feel like.
  • stop thinking so much
  • have a sketchbook or a journal
  • be silly
  • be crazy
  • be unpredictable
  • get involved in your community
  • find beauty in something ugly
  • see the world from a different perspective
  • see “the greats” (in real life you guys)
  • find your voice
  • find your style
  • find what makes you happy
  • make lists
  • find new inspiration
  • learn new techniques
  • refine old techniques
  • share your knowledge (spread the love)
  • share your ideas (even if they’re crazy)
  • exercise
  • meditate

I’m really looking forward to sharing more posts like this with you guys, so make sure you follow my blog and stay tuned!  Feel free to let me know your thoughts/reactions, or if you have some more ideas to add to the list above!

Have a great week everyone.





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