Tea Pot Head Design

tea pot head lover teapot drawing illustration design

This is a fun “play-on-words” design that was inspired by something I saw at a local coffee shop!

“Pot Head Tea Pot” refers to one who likes tea, not necessary the other type of pot ;).

If you are offended by this design please keep in mind… it’s just meant to be funny.

This design looks super cute on some of the items in my Society6 and RedBubble stores, check them out below.

Any of these could make great gifts for anyone who loves tea in your life!

tea pot head cute pastel throw pillow Tea Pot Head Throw Pillow

tea pot head lover mug coffee cup gift ideas Tea Pot Head Coffee (or tea) Mug

redbubble tea pot head sticker

Tea Pot Head Sticker

tea pot head lover gift ideas

Tea Pot Head T-Shirt

Make sure to check out the full range of items with this design in my Society6 and RedBubble stores!

Also be sure to follow my blog to keep up with all of my latest designs and products for sale.

What do you guys think of this tea pot design?  Too risque?  Or is it OK?  Leave your thoughts below!

Have a great week!




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