Tropical Sunset with Palm Trees

sunset palm trees silhouette art print

Hello friends!

This new design takes me to my happy place.

I created this 100% digital design of a tropical sunset with palm tree silhouettes over the weekend. I actually used one my own photos of a palm tree from my Los Cabos trip to create a vector image in Illustrator. I put that image into Photoshop and layered it over top of a beautiful sunset gradient I made.

I am really happy with how this design turned out, and the great thing about it is that I can tweak it to work with almost everything in my various shops!

Check out this lovely palm tree sunset design on a variety of items from my ZazzleSociety6, and RedBubble stores below:

tropical sunset palm tree silhouettes iphone case Sunset Palm Trees iPhone Case

tropical beach sunset palm trees silhouette tapestry towel Sunset Palm Trees Wall Tapestry

tropical beach sunset palm tree silhouette beach towel blanket Sunset Palm Trees Beach Towel

tropical beach sunset palm trees silhouette chiffon womens top apparel Sunset Palm Trees Women’s Chiffon Top

tropical beach sunset palm trees silk scarf scarves Sunset Palm Trees Scarf

sunset tropical beach palm trees silhouette summer tote bag Sunset Palm Trees Tote Bag

I know that is a lot of items but I wanted to show the versatility of this design and how good it looks on pretty much everything!

I hope you all have a great week and an extra-great long weekend.  I will be camping lakeside, can’t wait 🙂






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