Hamsa Design

purple hamsa hand design drawing illustration boho bohemian art print

My latest design!

This is my own interpretation of a Hamsa symbol.

If you’re not familiar with the Hamsa, it is an ancient symbol of protection, whose origins date as far back as ancient Mesopotamia and Carthage. If you’re interested in learning more about this interesting symbol, check out the Wikipedia article here.

This image gives off a really spiritual feeling.  Actually, while I was working on it, my eyes started watering and burning so I felt like it was burning the evil right out of me! Of course, I don’t think I’m evil… or am I?!!?! Eeek!

Anyway, when I finally finished colouring in this design I thought it looked pretty nice on several of the items in my Society6 and RedBubble stores! See for yourself below!

You can decorate yourself or your home with this symbol to help ward off any evil or bad vibes 🙂

hamsa purple design drawing good luck symbol tank top festival Hamsa Unisex Tank Top $22

hamsa hand design purple drawing throw pillow home decor Hamsa Throw Pillow $20

redbubble hamsa evil eye good luck charm sticker Hamsa Design Sticker $2.77 (or buy 6 and get 50% off)

hamsa purple design tote bag redbubble

Hamsa Design Tote Bag $20.00

By the way, using this link you can get Free Shipping Worldwide this week from my Society6 store! (Ends @ midnight May 8th, 2016)

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my latest art piece, and I am working on several more to show you all very soon.  Make sure you follow my blog if you want to see them!

Feel free to leave any comments below.




2 thoughts on “Hamsa Design

  1. Julie,

    You have some AMAZING work! I LOVE the Hamsa design! I also wanted to tell you thank you SO much for taking time to read my post entitled “You are that”! It means the world to me that you appreciated it and “liked” it! I’m in the process of growing my blog so I’d be honored and humbled if you would follow me. I’ll definitely follow your page as well! Thanks again!

    Christopher Michael


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