Now Selling on RedBubble!

scarf skirt top sticker art selling online redbubble

Happy Friday friends!

I am super excited to announce that I’ve added my designs to yet another online print on demand store — which some of you may have heard of — RedBubble!

How is RedBubble different from Zazzle or Society6?

Well so far the main thing is that they have some different kinds of products that I’m really excited about being able to sell my designs on. Mainly, these are stickers, skirts, and all-over print scarves!

purple green turquoise yellow mandalas pattern design Mandala Pattern Scarf $33.33

galaxy womens fashion nebula space mini skirt Blue and Green Galaxy Mini Skirt $33.33

They also have more fitted t-shirt styles and these really cute Chiffon tops for women:

pastel tribal elephant pattern chiffon womens top redbubble Pastel Tribal Elephant Pattern Chiffon Top $30

PLUS!! I’ve already made my first sale on Redbubble – a sticker!

skull with headphones sticker Tangled Skull with Headphones Sticker $2.31 

(PS – mix and match any 6 stickers and get 50% off!)

I haven’t purchased anything myself from RedBubble yet so I am not sure about the quality, but from what I have seen they are about on par with Society6 and Zazzle and the price points are around the same as Society6.

As far as I can tell their shipping prices are fairly reasonable to ship to Canada, and quite cheap within the US.

What do you guys think of RedBubble’s products?  Do you have any experience with selling or buying from them?  I’d love to hear your comments and opinions.

Make sure you follow my blog to see my new designs and projects in the future, and have a great weekend!






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