2 Mandala Patterns

pastel mandala pattern art print design

Happy Friday friends!

I need to start posting more often because I am falling behind on sharing my new designs and projects with you all!

Today I am sharing some new seamless mandala patterns I put together in Photoshop using the individual mandala drawings I created previously.

I’ve created 2 versions of this pattern so far.

The first one is shown above, which features lovely pastel shades of pink, blue and turquoise.  Below is the second version which features some darker pink and green colours with pops of brighter pink, turquoise and yellow.

(I struggled a bit with the colour scheme of this one and am still not totally sure about it, your thoughts?)

colorful mandala pattern bright green pink art print design

I am quite pleased with how these turned out, as it is my most complicated seamless pattern to date! I definitely feel like I am improving my pattern design skills.

I am also happy with how these patterns look on the products in my Society6 store. See below for some examples:

pastel mandala pattern yoga pants leggings Pastel Mandala Pattern Leggings $39

colourful bright mandala pattern tote bag boho Mandala Pattern Tote Bag $22

boho pastel mandala pattern iphone mobile samsung case Pastel Mandala Pattern iPhone or Samsung Case $35

mandala pattern pink green yellow rectangular bed pillow Mandala Pattern Rectangular Pillow $27

pastel mandala hippy boho pattern duvet cover bed sheet Pastel Mandala Duvet Cover $99

I’ll be adding these to my other shops very soon, but I find Society6 is the easiest and quickest in that regard!

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my latest designs, be sure to follow my blog to see more of my designs and projects in the future!

Cheers, and have a great weekend.



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