Goals for 2016 and a Look Back

new year goals fireworks

In my daily life I feel like there is so much to be done but I just can’t do it all!

I am impatient and want things to happen quickly, but growing an online presence and building a successful creative business takes a long time. This probably contributes to my anxiety, ha!

So, since a new year is upon us I am sitting down and actually looking at what I have achieved in the last year.  I am starting to feel a lot better because I can actually see that I’ve made progress!

  • Firstly, I’ve nearly doubled my page views since last year (from 4,783 in 2014 to 9,508 in 2015!), and achieved 10x the page views since my first year of blogging in 2013 (856 total views)!
  • Secondly, I have achieved the goals I set for myself in 2015!

Here were my goals for 2015:

1. Create more art – Done

2. Blog more about said art and other projects/interests – Done

3. Work on my blog writing skills – I hope I’ve improved over the last year (I like to think I have)!

4. Grow my online store and also open up shops on other sites like Society6 and CafePress – Definitely grew my Zazzle store quite a bit (over 800 products).  Opened up shop on Society6. Decided not to do CafePress at this time.

5. Refine my website – Done (new logo, banners, profile image).  Also updated the blog with new images and cleaned it up a bit.

Now on to my…

NEW Goals for 2016!

1. Create a lot more art. Submit some pieces to local art shows.

2. Continue refining my website and blog, and working on my writing skills.  Always learning!

3. Grow my existing online stores (ongoing) on Zazzle and Society6.

4. Open up another POD shop on Fine Art America.

5. Grow my social media presence.  

Setting the bar high here – I want to reach 500 followers on Facebook (120 currently).  1000 on Twitter (235 currently), 1000 on Instagram (236 currently). 500 WordPress followers (292 currently).  I’ve also recently added a Tumblr account to my social media profiles, so we will see where that goes.

6. Begin working on some new projects – Adult colouring book and an art tutorial series perhaps?

QUESTION: What kind of posts would you guys (my readers) like to see from me in 2016?  Comment below!

Well I think that is enough to keep me busy for awhile, besides – I don’t want to overwhelm myself too much! Let’s see if I can do it all 🙂 Wish me luck!

What are your blogging and/or business goals for 2016??

happy new year fireworks





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