Easy Winter and Holiday DIY Projects

christmas holiday diy ornament wreath

I’ve been feeling a bit crafty lately!

Above is a photograph of a Christmas Ball Ornament Wreath I created by following this easy tutorial by Gina’s Craft Corner.

All you need to make this wreath are some ball ornaments, a glue gun with glue sticks, ribbon, a wire hanger, and some pliers!

I thought it turned out looking really nice and added some much needed Holiday sparkle to my apartment door.

Next, I thought I would share some crochet crafts I have been working on recently, which could also make great last minute Christmas gifts!

I’ve only just started crocheting this year so I’ve scoured the web for simple and thorough tutorials that look complicated but are suitable for beginners.

The first one is for these cozy winter socks, a very easy crochet craft even for beginners.  Check out the amazingly simple, step-by-step YouTube tutorial by Glama here.  

(She also has a ton of other great crochet tutorials for beginners and beyond, so check them out of if you want more project ideas or are just learning to crochet).


And finally, I am in love with these scarves by Love4Nails on Youtube!  I am making about 5 of them as gifts for my friends and family this Holiday.

Check out this very easy and beautiful step-by-step crochet scarf tutorial in the video below:

I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out these winter and Holiday crafts I’ve been working on lately, and maybe you will take away some inspiration to make your own 🙂

Be sure to follow my blog if you would like to see more of my art and other projects!





10 thoughts on “Easy Winter and Holiday DIY Projects

  1. Your video is FANTASTIC! I crocheted when I was a little girl. I was never great at it…your video gives me hope!!!! Thank you kindly for posting this and sharing. Happy Christmas! Koko 🙂


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