Festive Owl Painting and a Holiday Giveaway!

festive santa hat cute owl christmas


I made something Christmassy!  I was playing around with a new watercolour paint set I picked up and wound up making this cute Holiday themed owl wearing a Santa Hat and scarf!

After I scanned the image to my computer I placed it over a digital snowflake background I created.

I hope you like him 🙂  If only I had finished him sooner I could have ordered these Christmas cards with matching envelopes and stamps from my Zazzle store!  Maybe next year if I get my butt in gear!




Festive Snowflake Card Envelope
Festive Snowflake Card Envelope by JulieErinDesigns
Check out other Snowflakes Invitations at zazzle.com



aceo fashion zentangle art card giveaway


Enter to win an ACEO Art Card (as seen above) featuring my artwork which was displayed at the Hot Art Wet City Gallery in Vancouver, in their show CARDED! earlier this year.

The last day to enter is THIS SATURDAY DECEMBER 12th, 2015 and then I will pop it in the mail on the following Monday!


UPDATE: The Holiday giveaway has now ended but stay tuned for more in the future by following my Facebook page!


I wish you all a lovely week!






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