My First Painting Commission!

abstract blue and yellow acrylic painting

This is a painting I did for my coworker’s wall so it is basically my first ever commissioned piece!

…and it’s huge!  2 x 3 feet, acrylic on canvas!  Here is another view of the painting on the easel, so you can get an idea of the size.
painting for alexis2

My coworker is a Geologist so this piece is inspired by geodes and aerial photography of landscapes. I also incorporated her favourite colours into the piece (yellow and blue).

In other news I seem to be always making new art and currently have a few more paintings and illustrative pieces in the works.  I am also getting prepared for an exhibition coming up in the next couple of weeks ~ more details coming soon.  Not to mention some craziness at work – I have a lot on my plate at the moment!

Also — don’t forget to enter my Sugar Skull Colouring Contest ASAP as the deadline is coming up this Sunday!  Winners will be featured in a blog post in the week before Halloween!

Have a great week everyone!




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