6 Fun Creative Apps for Adults

creative apps for adults neon mandala

All of the apps mentioned in this post are for Android, and can be found in the Google Play Store.

They are all recommended based on my personal experience and I am in no way affiliated with the app companies, nor am I getting any sort of compensation for mentioning their apps here.

All images below are created by me using the specified app, using my LG G3 mobile phone and ASUS Transformer tablet.

1. Magic Doodle

neon mandala doodle art magic app

Magic Doodle is a fun app where you choose a background color and then move your finger around on the screen and it mirrors your drawing to create unique and cool looking mandala-style artworks!

2. Colorfy

coloring book colorfy floral artwork

This is a beautiful coloring book app with tons of detailed line art to color for hours!  You can make in-app purchases to get even more designs but there are lots of free ones choose from.

3. SkillShare

I don’t have any examples of anything I’ve made from SkillShare but basically it is an app with video tutorials for all kinds of creative things including digital art, painting, printmaking, illustration, lettering and more! You can pay for a subscription but there are more than enough free videos available.

4. Momi Coloring

momi coloring app drawing book shoe

Momi Coloring app is similar to Colorfy.  It has different designs and again several free ones so between the two coloring apps you’ll have a lot to work with!

5. PhotoCollage

photo collage app society6 artwork sale

PhotoCollage is the main app I use for creating social media ads for sales and things in my Society6 and Zazzle stores.  This is an example of one of my ads created using this app.  I just take screenshots of my products and assemble them with text!  So simple!  There are quite a few layouts and editing tools in the app.

It is also fun and useful for editing personal photos.

6. Pixlr

pixlr colorful floral pop art

Pixlr is an app by Autodesk that can be used in your desktop browser or as an app on your mobile phone, but each version is different.

The mobile version has a lot of cool overlays and effects, while allowing you to either manipulate your own photographs or create a new composition from scratch.  The desktop version is more like a very simplified version of Photoshop, which I have used in the past as a substitute when I wasn’t able to download PS to the computer I was using.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my round up of these fun and creative apps for your android phone or tablet!  I had a lot of fun playing with them, so go ahead and check them out and have fun making your own masterpieces.  Feel free to post your results in the comments below!





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