Flip Flops Pattern

flip flops pattern sandals

I was inspired by the flip flops I recently created in my Zazzle store to make this cute flip flops pattern!

It was really fun to make and also looks nice on some of the items on Society6.com.
See for yourself!

flip flops sandals pattern tote bag Flip Flops Pattern Tote Bag – $22

flip flops sandals pattern wall clock Flip Flops Pattern Wall Clock – $30

flip flops pattern sandals t-shirt Flip Flops Pattern All Over Print T-Shirt – $34

Oh yeah and I forgot to mention Society6 now has All Over Print t-shirts!! I will be sharing more of my designs in a future post, so stay tuned 🙂

Hope y’all had a great Canada Day or 4th of July, and if not are just having a great weekend in general!

Thanks for checking out my designs and feel free to have a look at my website for more of my work, or give me a follow on Facebook or Instagram!

Cheers everyone,



4 thoughts on “Flip Flops Pattern

  1. I was looking through the blogs crafts/fashion and after reading a myriad of poems and life stories I came upon your blog. How refreshing to see someone else interested in crafts. I love your blog. Thanks for your post.


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