Black Lips Doodle Art

black lips zentangle drawing

This is the first piece from a new series I will be sharing over the next few weeks!  I have 5 drawings that were all part of a series titled “Doodle Magazine”.

They are all drawn in ink using my Speedball Art Products Calligraphy Pen and Ink Set, and feature collage elements.

One of them (not shown here) is going to be published in the upcoming issue of the UBC Undergrad Journal of Art History!!  This is pretty exciting for me so I will be posting more about it once the process is complete 🙂

This piece is sort-of zentangle inspired and was part of my final project at Uni so I tried to abstract the “tangles” and also make them quite a bit larger in scale.  I described the process to my class as my attempt to to “elevate the doodle”.

Hopefully I have succeeded somewhat, what do you guys think?

Here is how this design looks on few items in my Society6 store…  Not bad right?

biker tank black lips zentangle

Black Lips Biker Tank

black lips zentangle mens hoodie
Black Lips Hoodie

I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing my latest work, and are having a great weekend!  It is nice and sunny here in Vancouver (hehe) so I will be heading out to enjoy it.

If you like my work don’t forget to check out my website for more.  Also, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram I can let you know about the latest sales and promotions in my Zazzle and Society6 stores!




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