Turquoise Deer Head Galaxy Art Print and Gifts

Turquoise deer head galaxy art print

A new design!  Following along the same vein of my previous works I’ve created a few of these deer’s head prints using my galaxy images and a cut out of a deers head!

I have it on products in my Society6 store for now, but not yet on Zazzle (only due to laziness).  It does look pretty cool on some of their products, mainly clothing:
Turquoise deer head galaxy tank top

Turquoise deer head galaxy mens hoodie

And right now you can get FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE in my store by using this link! (Ends Feb 9, 2015)

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying these latest works, as much as I am having fun making them!

However, I do promise to post some more of my doodle artwork very soon.  I have submitted a few pieces to various art journals and publications so I am waiting to hear back from them before I share them online… I should know by the end of this month if any of my works were chosen to feature.  Wish me luck 🙂

It’s a long weekend here in Vancouver, so I am having a nice, relaxing time and probably will work on some new artwork.  I hope you are all having a great weekend too!




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