New Galaxy Art (and Upcoming Projects)

Hey guys, I have been pretty busy lately.

Wondering what I’ve been up to?

 Well, I’ve slowly been trying to get myself back into the groove of creating new art work.

Since finishing school I was feeling a little burned out so I decided to start with something fresh and simple to get my creative juices flowing.

 I followed this simple tutorial I found to create these lovely galaxy inspired digital images.

Blue and Purple Galaxy Art Print

Orange and Green Galaxy Art Print

They look great on items in my Zazzle and S6 stores, especially things like electronic cases and pillows!

Blue and Purple Galaxy iPhone & iPod Case

Orange and Green Galaxy Throw Pillow

You can find a ton of items with these two designs in my Zazzle and Society6 stores!

In other news, I am working on editing some previously unpublished work which I will be submitting to the UBC Visual Art and Art History journal!

Wish me luck – (I can’t show you guys the piece until I find out whether or not it will be featured, sorry!)

I am also working on editing some work for my graduating class Art show!

The show will be held in April 2015.  This Friday I will be going to an art auction fundraiser for the show in which several of my prints will be up for sale!  It should be a good time and I am looking forward to it.

I hope you all are having a great week so far.




6 thoughts on “New Galaxy Art (and Upcoming Projects)

  1. Julie, for some reason, clicking on both your tutorial link and even on your current post name is throwing an error, the message being that the blog was “downgraded” somehow and so on and so forth. I got here by clicking on the “by Julie” link.
    However, this post is good, the tutorial you site is good, and furthermore, so are the other tutorials on that site. Thanks!


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