Society6 store Now Open!

Zentangle Butterfly Framed Print

So I have finally gotten around to creating my new second shop on  While they don’t have the variety of items that Zazzle has, I do find that what they do have looks a bit nicer, and they put more focus on art and prints.

They also occasionally offer Free Worldwide Shipping at times (such as now, using this link get free shipping worldwide from my Society6 store, valid until Jan 11th, 2015), which is great for people like me who don’t live in the US so the shipping fees on Zazzle can be a bit high for some items.

That said, I will be keeping both stores open and adding new products to both as well 🙂

As I continue working with both stores I might come up with a list of the pros and cons of each, along with selling tips if anyone is interested (ideas for future posts, ha!).

Do any of you guys have experience selling on Society6?  If so, how do you like it and how successful has it been for you?  How does it compare to other Print On Demand websites, if you have experience with them?

Along with my Tangled Butterfly print above (of which I’ve already sold one!), here is a small sample of items I have submitted so far to my Society6 store:

Zentangle Butterfly Framed Print

Zentangle Butterfly Framed Print

Zentangle Butterfly Framed Print

Zentangle Butterfly Framed Print

Thanks for looking everyone!




2 thoughts on “Society6 store Now Open!

  1. I’m pure Zazzle, knowing nothing at all about Society6, and so I can’t tell you of experiences there, but I nevertheless had to tell you how much I like your design work. Keep it up, and success will be yours whatever you choose to do!


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