Holiday Greetings!

merry xmas cmas holiday greeting

Hey everyone!  I just wanted to send out a quick Holiday/Christmas greeting to you all!

I hope everyone is able to spend some quality time with their families and if not then at least stuff yourself silly and watch some funny movies 🙂

In the new year I will be starting a new full-time job, finally!  It feels like forever since I have had a stable job, and it will be really nice to have some extra money in my pocket.

I do plan on making some new artwork soon and adding new products to my shop on Zazzle.  I am also planning on starting up a store at Society6 but have not had the time to do that just yet. I did manage to update my website with some of my more recent works though.

Since school finished so quickly and I started working full-time right away I  am feeling a bit burned out at the moment.  Especially after the big final projects, some of which I have yet to get back from my profs!  I think I am going to take these next few weeks to relax and go through some of my old work before I really embark on anything new, unless I feel some sudden inspiration (you never know).

Hopefully the new year will be full of new experiences and opportunities for myself and you all as well!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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