The Pool – Linocut Print

the pool linocut print blue water

The Pool – Linocut Print

This is one of several projects I recently completed for my 400 level Printmaking course.  The image is supposed to kind of look like a swimming pool, created from a photograph I took during the summer.   However I do think it looks pretty abstract, in a good way!  It currently comes in an edition of 5 (as completed for the course), but I will probably make more in the future so I am not sure how many there will be in total.

I have made some other work from this same pool photograph which I will be posting shortly, so stay tuned 🙂

With that said, my BA program has finally come to an end!  I won’t officially graduate until May but in terms of credits and courses, I am done.  Now on to bigger and better things I hope! (ie, finding a job!)

I am still wrapping up some loose ends around campus including some final exams, but from now on should be able to post more frequently again!

As usual if you like my work please follow my blog, follow me on Facebook or Instagram, or check out my website for more artwork!  You can also purchase my designs on products in my Zazzle store.  They make great Holiday gifts!

Have a great weekend everyone,



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