Fun with Polyvore!

I have found a new thing to distract me from school, hehe.

Polyvore!  I have started exploring Polyvore as a new way to promote the creations in my Zazzle shop, by “liking” them and then combining them with other peoples products to create outfit sets!

Skull Fashion
Too Cool for School

So far I have only made these 2 “sets” but I definitely see the allure and potential of this tool.

It is also pretty fun and very easy to share your creations on Pinterest, Facebook, blogs etc!   Who knows if I will get any sales from it but we’ll see, so far I am just having fun and only have 2 followers lol.

Send me a follow if you like, on Polyvore or anywhere else 🙂

BY THE WAY the skull t-shirts in both outfits are the ones from my store, everything else is from other stores on the web, and not all from Zazzle.




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