Prints Galore!

linocut relief prints multiples ocean theme

Finally finished my first linocut print project for this term!  Earlier on I posted a work in progress report detailing the steps I took to create these prints, so I wanted to show you all the final result.

Each edition consists of a set of 10 prints made entirely by hand (i.e. I did not use a printing press, see above link for my technique).

They are printed on the back of postcards I created in Photoshop and printed on cardstock paper.   The entire set is titled “Beautiful British Columbia”.   They do not have individual titles at this time.

I also did a second project using the same prints, again hand printed on Sommerset paper and framed in 5″x7″ black picture frames.  I combined these prints with collage by hot gluing found garbage and other objects I picked up at the beach by my house, Sunset Beach (in Vancouver, B.C.).  There is a surprising amount of garbage on that beach, although it looks nice!  Below are the 3 framed mono-prints;

linocut art print seagull garbage collage linocut art print starfish garbage collage linocut art print fish garbage collage

I am pretty happy with them despite one of my barnacles breaking off in transit to school 😦

In other news I have managed to connect my blog with my Facebook page!  So for those of you coming here for the first time from Facebook, welcome to my blog!  Comments and feedback are welcome of course 🙂

As usual please check out my website and my Zazzle store if you are interested in my work and for more info!    Have a great week everyone.




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