Couples Costume Idea – Fry and Leela

Reblogging my Halloween costume post from last year which is starting to see a lot more traffic this month for obvious reasons! This post includes instructions on how to make Leela’s eye for this cute Fry and Leela couples costumes!

Julie Erin Designs


Yay it’s October!  I love the fall leaves and the crisp air.. and most of all, Halloween!

So these were my boyfriend and I’s costumes last year which we wore to a party and got tons of comments from people! If you don’t know Fry and Leela they are characters from the Matt Groening tv show Futurama.  Anyway this is a super cute and fun couples costume especially if you are a fan of the show like we are.


Fry’s outfit was the easiest, my bf just went and found a red jacket at a thrift store and used orange hair colouring spray to do his hair.  Make sure you use that stuff in a well ventilated area and wear old clothes because it will stain!  He paired that with some jeans, a white t-shirt and some sneakers and was all set.


This outfit was a bit more…

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