New Zazzle Top Featuring My Art!

Zazzle shirt fashion zentangle designFinally received my shirt from Zazzle featuring my original artwork and website URL!  Shameless self promotion, here I come 🙂

The shirt itself is comfortable and good quality, not to mention the artwork looks great!  The photo above doesn’t do it justice.

In similar news – I sold something recently from my shop, 5 of these guitar picks to someone in Portland, Oregon!

Skull Design Guitar Pick
Skull Design Guitar Pick by JulieErinDesigns
See other Zentangle Guitar Pick at zazzle

In other news I have been making a lot of artwork for my classes so I will have lots of new things to post soon.

Be sure to follow my blog and follow me on Facebook to get updates about my latest work!    You can also check out my website if you would like to see some of my finished pieces.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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