My First Zazzle Order Has Arrived!!

Zazzle Skull and Crossbones Zentangle Trucker HatI received my highly anticipated first order from Zazzle – a hat featuring my Skull and Crossbones design! (Link to the hat)

I am actually pretty impressed with the quality of the image, it is not a decal like I expected but seems to be actually dyed into the fabric.Ā  The details look great!

My boyfriend also got himself a t-shirt: (Link to the t-shirt)

Zentangle Skull with Headphones Zazzle T-shirtI am waiting for a shirt for myself to arrive, I’ll post pictures when it does šŸ™‚

Happy Friday everyone!




10 thoughts on “My First Zazzle Order Has Arrived!!

    1. Hey neuroticocomic, how long have you been trying to sell on Zazzle? I have read that it takes some time for your products to be found by people and by search engines. I’ve also read that you need at least 100 products in your store before you start seeing any sales. So yeah, don’t give up just yet šŸ™‚ I have only sold 1 item to someone who is not myself, friends or family but I only created my store a few weeks ago.


      1. Don’t think I’m too ashamed to ask you for it! I have a couple of surgeries to get done then maybe I can cough up the richly deserved loot! šŸ™‚


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