My First Products on Zazzle!

So a few days ago I came across this website called Zazzle which some of you guys may have already heard about.

Basically you can upload and sell your own artwork or photos on a plethora of customizable items from postcards and prints to throw pillows, wallets, and wall clocks!

Fun, right?

So I’ve decided to give it a shot, and so far I’ve uploaded several of my designs on to notebooks, cards, t-shirts and other items.  Here is one of my first products:

Flower Zentangle Notebook
Flower Zentangle Notebook by JulieErinDesigns
Find other Flower Notebooks at

I also managed to get my boyfriend to buy a t-shirt, hehe.

It looks like this:

Pretty cool, right?

Unfortunately right now, if you go to my “shop” link there is nothing there because for some reason it takes a few days for the products to appear, but I can link to them directly.

I am hoping they don’t take much longer since I really can’t wait to starting sharing my store with my friends and followers!


Have any of you ever used Zazzle or bought anything from them?  I’d love to hear your comments and experience.






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