My Fave Recipes from Pinterest That I Actually Made II

Hey everyone!

Since I haven’t had a lot of time to post lately I thought I would do another one of my fave recipes from Pinterest that I’ve actually made!

Here is the link to the first installment from about 6 months ago.

1. First off is a healthy side dish that I have made several times.  Spiced Roasted Cauliflower!  It’s a great alternative to potatoes, and has an amazing flavour and addictive crunch!

2.  This next one is a super easy and healthy snack, which I actually made on the barbeque which made it even more delicious.  Low-carb Zuchinni pizza bites!

3. Here is a great recipe for pizza dough that does not have to be made ahead, you can cook it right away.  Perfect for me, since I usually don’t think too far ahead!  Plus the recipe makes enough for 2 pizzas so you can freeze one for another day.  Check it out here: Freezer-friendly pizza dough.

4.  Now for a nice, light dinner idea that is totally vegetarian!  It’s made with tofu that you fry up nice and crispy then serve over asian noodles with lots of veggies.  I didn’t have any bell peppers when I made it so I just used zuchinni and whatever veggies I had in the fridge, so it’s a pretty versatile dish.  And the hubby loved it even though it had no meat!  Find the recipe here: Thai-Style Crispy Tofu and Veg over Noodles.

5. Ok, so this is a recipe that I actually saw on a TV show called In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita, a Canadian cooking show.  I promptly pinned the recipe after I made it for lunch that day.  This recipe is great because you use CANNED salmon (or tuna!) and after you’re all finished it does not taste a thing like canned.  Not only is it healthy, but SUPER CHEAP!  Perfect.  Cajun Salmon Patties.  I also suggest checking out some his other recipes if you haven’t before, a lot of them are pretty easy and amazing.

6.  Of course I have a couple of recipes to satisfy my (and your) sweet tooth.  Firstly, who doesn’t love brownies?  These brownies are pretty cheap, quick, and very chocolately (mmmmm), so be sure to check them out.   They call for chocolate chips rather than cooking chocolate so they are pretty sweet, if you like that.  You could also use flavoured chocolate chips, like chocolate raspberry or mint.  The recipe is literally called MMMM…. Brownies, lol.

7. Lastly for today, this recipe sounds totally weird but it was SO delicious.  All you need are frozen berries, white cake mix, and Sprite (or diet Sprite, or any lemon-lime flavoured soda actually.)  It makes this amazing cobbler that also isn’t TOO fattening, unless you eat all of it like I did (oops).  Here is the recipe for Berry Cobbler!

Hope y’all are having a great weekend!  Happy cooking 😉






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