Latest Art Project – Face of the Future

Paradigm Shift Submission Julie Ehrmantraut

Hey everyone!  Hope you all had a great New Years celebration.  I had a party at my apartment, and good times were had by all!

Anyways I didn’t get to post as much as I had wanted to during the Holidays since I was actually pretty busy with friends, family, chores etc, but now that’s all over and school starts up again tomorrow!

The image above is something I started working on during the holidays in order to submit to a gallery show at UBC starting at the end of January.

The exhibition is titled Paradigm Shift, so I thought this piece might work well with that theme.  Hopefully it will be chosen for display!

It is actually on a 8 x 10 in canvas and drawn using pen and acrylic paint.

Wish me luck!  I will update if it does get chosen for the show.

Have a great 2014 all 😉

If you would like to see more of my artwork please visit my website,




UPDATE!  Unfortunately this piece did not get chosen for the show.  Oh well, better luck next time 😦


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