Pizza Grilled Cheese Sandwiches



This is a super fun and easy lunch or snack!

I like my grilled cheese pan fried with some olive oil but you could use butter, or use a grilled cheese sandwich maker if you have one.


Ingredients per sandwich:

1 large slice of pepperoni, or enough to cover one piece of bread if you are using the small pepperoni slices.

1 slice of cheese (I used havarti, I would suggest something like that or mozzarella)

1 tbsp tomato based pasta sauce or even pizza sauce if you have that.

1 thin slice of tomato (or enough to cover the bread. Can be left out if desired)


So basically just layer all of the ingredients on the bread and grill them up!

I suggest putting the sauce between the cheese and the pepperoni so it doesn’t make the bread soggy.  Suggesting from experience here!

Anyways I hope you will try and enjoy my spin on grilled cheese sandwiches!

Until next time,



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