My Fave Beauty Recipes/Regimens from Pinterest

Happy Thursday!

Since I’ve already shared some of my fave recipes from Pinterest that I actually made, I decided to do a similar post of the beauty regimens/recipes I’ve tried and enjoyed!

Here are some I’ve tried and liked so far:

Lemon and Honey Facial – This recipe calls for using an actual lemon, but since I didn’t have a lemon but a lot of lemon juice I just mixed together the lemon juice with some honey,  put it on a cotton pad and wiped it all over my face.  I don’t know that it actually removed blackheads but my skin did look clearer and was noticeable brighter and softer.  One thing to note is to make sure you don’t get any lemon juice in your eye because it stings!!

Egg White Facial – This facial using whipped egg whites is something I have actually done for many years but I forgot about it for a long time until I saw it one day on Pinterest.  It definitely firms up your skin a bit and is super cheap and easy to make at home with only one ingredient!

Hot Oil Hair Treatment using Olive Oil – I ombre’d my hair recently, and I also blow dry and straighten my hair almost daily so the ends of my hair get SUPER DRY.  I have tried this olive oil treatment twice now and I must say it does work quite well.  I think if I did it once a week I could put off a hair cut for at least another month….

Green Tea Detox Bath– I love to drink green tea so this detox bath was a no brainer for me!  Why hadn’t I thought of it before?  But anyway I have done this bath several times now and it is very relaxing.  I like to soak for at least 20 minutes and also get my hair wet and submerge my whole body.  It makes my hair feel stronger and my skin nice and smooth too!

Brown Sugar, Honey, Olive Oil dry lips remedy – I have always had problems with dry cracked lips as I mentioned in my other post where I explained my dry lips remedy.  I also tried this honey, olive oil and brown sugar mixture and not only did it work but it tasted really good.  I did this a few times before my regular dry lips routine and it worked quite well!  I would do this again once I buy some small plastic containers to keep it in (I used a bowl and it was way too much lol).

Baking Soda mixed in Shampoo or used as a shampoo substitute – lastly I tried this suggestion of using baking soda instead of shampoo but actually on the Pinterest post it said to mix baking soda with your regular shampoo.  I did it once and noticed my hair seemed lighter.  I think I will try again if I remember and see how it feels after a few washes.

Anyways I hope you find the time to try one or more of these beauty recipes/regimens!  At least they are all pretty simple and use items you most likely have at home, that’s what I like about them!

Have a relaxing day,




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