Things I’ve Made in IMVU

Happy Saturday!

Today I wanted to share with you some things I’ve made and continue to make for a 3d chat website called IMVU.

They have what’s called a “Creator Program” where users can pay a small fee to create their own clothing, rooms, furniture etc. and then sell them to other users.  You can “re-texture” a product, which means you make a 2d image and then upload it on to a 3d mesh.  Or you can actually create the meshes yourself in programs such as Blender, Sketch-up or 3D Studio Max.

I started as a texture artist and have since moved on to create my own 3d meshes in both Blender 3D and 3DS Max!  To see my entire IMVU Catalog you can find it here.

The program gives you a lot of creative room!  I love to make fashionable clothing, fun accessories, pets, furniture, and whatever else I am inspired to make.  There is a whole awesome community of  developers who work together and help each other out, etc.  I even created an external website for a group of us who work together called the Free Derives Group.

I have been doing this since 2007 so I have a lot of products in my catalog, but here I will showcase just a few of my creations.  Enjoy!

Heart Patch Teddy Bear
Black Cat Mask
Ruffle Dress Derivable Mesh
Cheshire Cat Pet
Bitten Toast Pet
Diamond Mask created from my own mesh
Peplum top made from my own mesh
Daisy headband created from my own mesh
Wedding outfit
Mushroom Furniture (own mesh)
On the moon room (full created by me)

That’s all for now, I hope you have enjoyed viewing my creations today!



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