DIY Dry Lips and Cold Sore Remedy

stock__vaseline_jar_by_eat_sith-d3i7q9eWhen it comes to dry lips Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly
is my friend.

I have suffered from dry lips and cold sores for almost all my life!

I have pretty bad allergies that are “Seasonal” but that season seems to be actually 3 out of the 4 seasons per year.  The constant nose blowing, etc. does not help my dry lips.

I have tried tons of cheap and expensive chap sticks etc. but usually my lips just become more chapped after prolonged use 😦

Anyway I had used Vaseline before and it didn’t work great, but then I figured out this NEAT TRICK that really works!!  I’ve had nice soft lips for about 6 months now! Even in the winter!

The trick is to pat your lips with water (just stick your fingers under the tap and splash/pat the water onto your lips a couple of times).  Leaving them wet, THEN cover them liberally with Vaseline.

UPDATE: You can also use Vaseline
on the rest of your face right after you shower and it will help with dry skin!

It’s not really the Vaseline itself that moisturizes your lips, it’s the water underneath that does it!  You could also try this with your favourite chap stick.  I use this Rosebud Salve which works quite well even without the water and smells nice.

This trick really works for me.  I am NOT a doctor, and things work differently for different people, so I can’t claim that it will help YOUR chapped lips, but I just wanted to share this since it really helped me.  I do hope it works for others though!

Now for the cold sore remedy.  Again, I’m not a doctor, and what works for me may not work for you.  But I have read elsewhere that this can work and it does for me, plus it’s way cheaper than Abreva or other over-the-counter cold sore treatments.

The remedy is lemon juice!  Just put a few drops on your finger and put it on the cold sore at the first sign of discomfort.  It might burn/tingle a little but it’s good burning, I swear.  In my experience the cold sore will go away almost overnight if you get it on there soon enough.  If it’s progressed a bit it might take a day or two.  But hey, that’s way better than like week, right?

I hope these tips work for you as they have for me!  Also I know this isn’t exactly something I’ve made, but I did make my lips less dry and softer so that’s something!

Anyways if you try these, good luck!



3 thoughts on “DIY Dry Lips and Cold Sore Remedy

    1. Ah, like Burts Bees? I tried that as well and it worked great for awhile but then my lips started to dry out again like every other kind of chap stick I’ve tried. Also the one with pomegranate gave me an allergic reaction I think lol


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