DIY Up-cycle Most Comfortable Patio Chair Ever

Hello again!

Today I want to share this most amazing and comfortable chair ever that I up-cycled/DIY’d using an old free chair found on craigslist!

Recently I was fortunate enough to be able to move in with my bf into this amazing penthouse suite with a HUGE balcony.  It’s also 5 mins from the beach and has a pool but its under renovation right now (poo).  Anyways we had very little furniture to put on the patio and after looking at recliner chairs and patio furniture in stores I realized that patio furniture is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!  Considering I’m a broke-ass university student I decided to check craigslist for free furniture.  Most of it was crap or just plastic chairs which I already have, but then I came across THIS BEAUTY:


Yes, it’s a little bit broken on the bottom but no worries.  Also I forgot to take a “before” photo – the chair was actually just wood and had peeling clear paint on it and moss growing in the bottom part.  So bf sanded it down and I scraped out the moss and used some left-over outdoor white paint I had around the house.  After all that it looked like the pic above.

Now I really wanted to find an awesome cushion for the chair but I had no idea where to buy one or how to go about looking for one.  Then I saw a post on Pinterest (sorry I can’t find it anymore, I didn’t pin it) where someone had made and was selling these dog beds made from fleece fabric and stuffed with filling or whatever.  So I thought hmm, what do I have laying around that I could MAKE the cushion with?

Well I had a ton of fleece blankets that I had acquired at my old job in the fashion industry.  So I took out two of them, and with a white pencil I traced a sort of rounded rectangle shape on each of them, leaving about 8 inches of space from the edges.  From there I cut strips from the outside edge up to the line I drew.  Each strip was about 1 inch wide.  It took me about an hour to cut around both blankets.

Then I thought I would go buy some stuffing to fill it up but then bf was like, hey what happened to the old pillows from my old bed?  (When we moved we decided to use my bedding since it was nicer).  So I went and found the pillows taking up space in the closet and put them between the two blankets. I used 3 pilows side by side.  Then I just started tying the two blankets together!  It was super easy. On one of the blankets I cut a few more strips than the other one, so I just doubled up as I tied them so they were all tied together.

Here is the finished cushion (sorry the pic kinda sucks)


This cushion thing rules.  It’s portable (you can put it on the floor in front of the fireplace, my friend slept on it the other night, put it on the couch for more comfort, take it camping etc), washable (you can just untie enough to take out the pillows and wash them separately), and MEGA COMFORTABLE.

Anyway I like to keep it indoors since it’s not waterproof, but when I want to sit outside I just take it out there and put it on the chair.


PERFECT.   It would be really easy to make your own!  One downside though is that my cat’s hair sticks to it really easily but whatever, its washable.

Anyways that’s for reading my post!  Happy summer, I’ll be outside reading on my most comfortable chair ever 😉



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